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Pest Asia 50ml Beg Bug / Flea / Tick Killer (FOC Sprayer)

RM 21.00

Pest Asia Beg Bug / Flea / Tick Killer
Packing: 50ml
FOC: 1 pc Sprayer

Product Features:-
-Contain 50ml Liquid Which can Used For Longer Time Frame.
-Cost Effective Method
-Research Formula for Killing Insects ( Bed bug, Bug Dog/Cat, Antidustmite , Flea and Tick, ) from Pest Control .
-Reseached Pest Control Chemical Able to Sophicated Bedbug If Spray Directly.

How to Use:
1.Prepare 500ml Sprayer
2. Mix 20ml Bedbug Killer In Spray With Clean Water.
3. Spray the entire area with insect attack.
4. Supply the Beg Bug Killer After 3 Days and 6 Days Later. Make sure the Spray is Performed 3 times Between 10 Days.
5. Clean All Clothes and Carefully After Use.