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Nicora Flocent Water Based Fluorescent Paint

RM 31.00

Nicora Flocent Water Based Fluorescent Paint
-  Premium Quality Grade 1
-  For Indoor & Outdoor Use


* Ideal for D.I.Y. & Antirust
* Strength & Good durability
* Excellent Colour Retention
* Weather & Water Resistant
* Ease of Application & Rapid Drying
* Superb Flow Control, Rapid Drying & Non-drip

Recommended Uses:
Ideal for new and previously painted surfaces purposely  for decoration and protection of surfaces such as metal fixtures, cement, wood, advertising materials, PVC, paper, sculpture, statue, art & craft, plaster, fiberglass, polystyrene, wall, stone & clay.

Direction For Use:
- For different material requires different undercoat. Flocent is an intermediate coat.

- Stir the paint well until homogenous. Dilute 5-10% with water if necessary for brushing and rolling; but dilute with 30-40% for spraying. 

- Ensure painting surfaces are free from dirt, rust, grease and other contaminants. Apply the paint with a brush / roller. 2 coats are recommended. If 3 coats can gain extra durability and protection. Use water for cleaning and washing.

● Apply Method: Air spray, brush or roller.
● Theoretical Coverage: 9m2 per litre depending on application method & film thickness.

Packing: 250gm / 1kg