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Nicora 3200 1K Solvent Based Clear Coating Paint

RM 26.00

Nicora 3200 Clear

NICORA 3200 Clear is a 1K solvent borne clearcoat synthetic enamel specially formulated to give high gloss, ease of application and good penetration hence protection to surfaces.

It adds style, beauty and elegant sheen to your interior surfaces while providing the benefits of it's breakthrough formula. Besides protection, it also highlights the natural look of wood grains. 

* Anti-rust
* Water Resistant
* Good Durability
* Smooth Finishing
* High Solid Content
* Excellent Adhesion

1K solvent borne clear coat is suitable for interior and exterior surfaces such as metal fixtures, wooden surfaces, art and craft. 

Direction Of Use:
1. Ensure painting surfaces are free from dirt, rust, grease and other contaminants.
2. Dilute with thinner if necessary depends on the application method and film thickness
3. 2 coats are recommended to obtain high gloss finish.