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Copton 30gm Insecticide Termite Bait

RM 135.00

Copton Insecticide Termite Bait

Copton specially targets workers termites. When the bait is brought back by the workers to the nest and shared. The active ingredient in Copton prevents them to molt and eventually causes mortality. The reduction of worker termites subsequently starves the queen and root out the colony.

Packing: 30gm

Product features:
- termite colony elimination, to reduce total termite population in your plantation.
- Effective protection
- 1 bait for 1 palm, Copton is easy to apply and no water is needed.
- Copton only targets termites sepecially Coptotermes spp.
- Copton contains only 0.5% active ingredient and meets RSPO ctiteria.

Use Instruction:
1. Find out and discover the termite trail/roadway, it may hidden at many wooden furniture.
2. Set up termite bait spot. Open a small hole below packing with double side tape and stick inside the box
3. Remove the box you will see many parts of baits have been consumed after 4 weeks.
4. To repeat step if needed to set up more termite bait to ensure the whole termite colony has been eliminated. (5-6 packs estimate needed is depends on environment / size termite colony)