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(5KG) Nippon Flex 200 Waterproofing Coating For Roof & Floor

RM 65.00

Nippon FLEX 200 is a single component, elastomeric, breathable, acrylic copolymer liquid apply waterproofing coating. It resists ageing from heat, UV, sunlight, rain, wind or frost and ozone. Able to resists water yet allows water vapour to escape through it and thus, preventing blistering issue. A basic waterproofing coating for old and new construction.

Product Features:
Single component - no mixing required
Easy to apply
Flexible - capable of bridging stationary cracks
Barrier against salts and atmospheric gases
High build - masking imperfections in substrates
Waterproof-versatile and multi-purpose
UV stable- long service life and maintains its appearance

Packing: 5kg
Colour: Grey / White